Since 1878, Citterio has been captivating the world with a selection of the best Italian charcuterie. The company was founded in Italy by Giuseppe Citterio where he began by creating the original recipe for Salame di Milano and went on to develop the exceptional Prosciutti and other distinctive Italian Salumi. A production constantly abreast of the times, an unfailing passion and a deep-rooted respect for its great past have enabled Citterio to achieve a top ranking position in its sector and to become a leader in the market of sliced cold meats. To this day, every one of our specialties is still made according to the time-honored methods perfected throughout many years in Italy. Of course, there is only one way for you to appreciate for yourself what makes Citterio specialties so exceptional; by seeing, feeling, tasting and enjoying them yourself. One taste – and you'll know why the world's most celebrated Italian specialty meats come from Citterio!

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01_Citterio_Salame Milano Castello
Citterio Salame Milano Castello
3.5- 3.8 kg

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Citterio Salame Ungherese
3 kg

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Citterio Salame Napoli
700 g

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Citterio Pancetta Arrotolata
3.8 kg

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Citterio Cacciatore D.O.P
150-170 g

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Citterio Citterino
250 g

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Citterio Cotechino Cotto
500 g

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Citterio Pancetta Tesa Affumicata
1.4 kg

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Citterio Lardo Stagionato
1.87-2.7 kg

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09_Citterio_Salciccia Napoli Piccante
Citterio Salciccia Napoli Piccante
350 g

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Citterio Speck Di Prosciutto
2.5 kg

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Citterio San Daniele Ham
7 kilos

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12_Citterio_Regina Citterio
Citterio Mortadella Regina
400 g

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