In 1935, Cesare Rondolino purchased the Torrone della Colombara farm in the province of Vercelli, Italy. Its fertile fields and abundance of water is particularly adapt for rice cultivation, which led to the most sought after and highly valued Carnaroli rice that many of the world’s top chefs use in their risottos. The Acquerello brand prides itself in producing only one kind of rice, Carnaroli, which is a medium-grained rice known to have a higher starch content and firmer texture. It has a better shape and it is more resistant to overcooking as compared to the more common Arborio variety. The rice undergoes a thorough process where the recovered germ is mixed with the white rice, making it melt inside the grain. Results are intact and tastier rice without any forms of stickiness, rice that is definitely made for perfect risotto. The family owned and operated company has increased in size over the past decades and is now considered to be one of the region’s largest rice producers.

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