Riedel Crystal is a family owned company that has been producing glass in Austria for over 250 years and 11 generations. They are recognized worldwide for designing and producing the highest quality glasses and decanters for wine and spirit enjoyment. “People who use Riedel glasses always drink the better wine”. Shape matters when it comes to grape varietal specific stemware because it translates the "mes­sage" of wine to the human senses, namely: Bouquet, which is re­sponsible for delivering the quality and intensity of the wine's aroma. Texture, which highlights the exciting and diverse styles of "mouthfeel" in wine (watery, creamy, silky, velvety). Flavor, which creates a ba­lanced interaction between the fruit, minerality, acidity and bitter components of a wine, and Finish, which offers a pleasant, seamless, harmonious, and long lasting aftertaste. Top wineries and restaurants throughout the world use Riedel as they produce collections that match every lifestyle and price range. Whether for critical wine evaluations or dinner, there is a series for every wine lover. Bacchus International, Inc. is the Philippine National Distributor for Riedel. Should you be interested in discovering more please contact us for the latest Glass Tasting Schedule or a private consultation.