Golfera has been present in the Italian food industry since the 1960s with their original Golfera Factory in the small town of Lavezzola. This family owned business had a goal to become one of the leading names in the Italian food industry. They expanded their variety of cured meats including the now famous & Oscar for Innovation awarded, GOLFETTA. They have combined the old and new techniques to create  healthier variety of cured meat products with traditional flavors. Their present success was purely driven by their respect to tradition, passion, skills, value and philosophy in creating the best cured meats, not only in Italy but around the world.

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Golfera Golfetta Salami
3.3 kg

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golfera_fennel salami2
Golfera Salami with Fennel Seeds
2.8 kg

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golfera_spianata calabra2
Golfera Spicy Spianata Calabra Salami
2.6 kg

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Golfera Salsiccia Primizia Piccante
600 g

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Golfera Cotechino Modena
500 g

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Golfera Guanciale
1 kg

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Golfera Tipo Milano Salami
2.9 kg

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Golfera Prosciutto Super Mec

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Golfera Mortadella Gioya with truffle

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