THE FLOUR OF NAPLES, THE STRENGTH AND TRADITION: These words hold Molino’s Caputo’s values. The products begin with the long-standing relationships with wheat suppliers around the world. They only source the best and highest quality wheat every season, while other mills’ wheat may vary according to the weather and other conditions year to year, Caputo is able to consistently create their proprietary blend of wheat every season to the same uncompromising standards. Caputo has grown to become the leading brand of “00” flour in Italy and the United States. Tipo “00” is the finest grade of flour milled in Italy, which gives pizza its perfect thinness and crunch. The unwavering commitment to the great milling traditions of Naples, the latest technology and techniques, and over 89 years of experience have made Caputo to what it is today. These values can be recognized in the wide range of flours the company makes for pizza, pasta and sweet dough professionals.

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Caputo "00" Pizzeria Flour
25 kg

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Caputo Criscito Flour
1 kg

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Caputo "00" Fresh Pasta & Gnocchi Flour
5 kg

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Caputo Lievito Secco Dry Yeast

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Caputo Il Mulino napoli cuor di cereali

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